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Welcome to the Phoenix Rize landing page!

So, you found your way here.... either because I accosted you in the grocery store and chatted your ear off about Gluten Free Living or you saw our RV cruising down the highway..... maybe I gave you one of my Jamberry samples!

This is where I share my adventures and crazy ideas.... and where I hope to connect with others on their own crazy adventures!

Below you will find links to all my pages and accounts... chat, shop and share with me!

Facebook is probably the best place to catch blog posts, recipes, yoga ideas and random updates.  I’m not a big Tweeter.... Twitterer... Twitter User, but the blog reposts to Twitter too, so if that’s where you get your news, you’ll get my blog updates, but not so much of my random “Oh, I ate and such and such and it didn’t kill me!” Instagram is always fun too...


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